Have a Paddleboard? Have Kids? You Need These!

in May 6, 2023

I am obsessed with water-play and I am a firm believer that water makes EVERYONE feel better....whether you are in it or just around it.

We have two paddleboards and we love taking them out to the lake. 

Here are 5 fun and UNIQUE, kid-geared accessories to add to the paddleboarding accessory collection!

1. The PushDriver

If your paddleboard has an action camera attachment port at the end (most of them do!) then you need the PushDriver toy steering wheel. You can attach it to that port and customize the height of it depending on your child's size. They will pretend they are steering the board while you paddle behind them. It is the only toy like it! For an extra fun memory, attach your GoPro to the end and capture the view of their smiling face!


2. Inflatable Animal Floats

Ok, this one cracks me up. Your kid will feel SO cool out there on the water handling their shark. They're versatile and no additional hardware is required. So whether you have a hardtop paddleboard or an inflatable one, these will work great! 


3. LED Light Strips

Pimp out the paddleboard with custom lights! I'm usually one for keeping things simple and tech-free, but there's something about lights that makes everything feel like a party. Bring the boom box and you're about to give your kiddo some epic summer memories!


4. Inflatable Games

Grab some rope and tie it to the paddleboard. This will make for a fun yet challenging game for the older kids! Gosh, writing this blog is making me INSANELY excited for summer!


5. Floating Mesh Seats

Sit across from each other in the water and enjoy your lunch using the paddleboard as a table! Can you see it? Sounds absolutely perfect to me.


I hope you enjoyed this list! I try to keep things short, sweet, and straight to the point!


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