5 Unique Ways To Play With Cardboard

in May 5, 2023

If you're anything like me, you're addicted to online shopping. With that comes a full recycling bin pretty dang quickly!!

One of my toddler's favorite things to play with is cardboard so we have a basket of paint, markers, scissors, and fun colored tape readily available. 

Now, you don't need this fancy tool, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't impressed by it:

Cardboard Construction Tools

I love the idea of versatility and multipurpose things. So we always do something fun with packaging before tossing it.

Here are some inventive ideas to get your little's creativity spurring!


Yep. An entire town! It was fun for my son AND for me! We got very into it and it was great bonding time. We kept adding to it for MONTHS. We used white duct tape to make the roads and cardboard to make the buildings. 



This one took a few boxes, but baby Jacob and I built a school bus! We even put a little stool inside and made foot "pedals" out of cardboard so that he could drive (I attached the PushDriver to a camera tripod--it was perfect!!). He put all of his "babies" (stuffed animals) in the bus and "took them to school." We still have it and it provides so much entertainment!



You can't ignore how much fun getting your hands messy is! Add a twist and bring a box outside after a rainy day and have them mud-paint the box. Add some rocks and leaves and then they've built their very own mountain!



This one is highly entertaining and super simple. Really all we did was add big wheels to the side of the cart and clipped on the PushDriver to the front. Whether you're out going to a walk or going to a fun festival, this will draw eyes and keep your kiddo entertained the entire time! Paint a pink car or a firey red one! It's a win for everyone.



This is what I do most of the time with my boxes: give him a lollipop or a popsicle and he will just happily sit in there, roll around in the cushioning, or jump in off the sofa. 



I would love to hear how you use re-cardboard in your home! 

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