10 Timeless Toys That You've Gotta Have

in May 4, 2023

Less is ABSOLUTELY more. 

It's better for your kids AND better for your mental health (when I get overwhelmed, I just want to throw evvveryyything away). 
Research shown that when children are provided with too many choices, their ability to focus is hindered and they are less creative with what they have. 
Let's keep their creativity flowing. Here is my personal list of timeless toys:

10. A Ball

No surprise here. It's a classic and you can create SO many games out of it, whether for solo play or team play.

9. Tape 

Doesn't matter what kind. My toddler has always loved to play with it. Create "traps," roads, balls, etc. They also love the stickiness of it for some reason!

8. SplashPad 

This SplashPad is all white and simple. Water is a sure way to turn any sour mood around. Plus, it's simplicity makes it perfect for any theme party. Hugely versatile and we looooove multiple use toys over here. 

7. Magnetic Building Tiles 

These are actually incredibly fun to play with as an adult. They're a little pricey in my opinion but absolutely worth it. 

6. Metal Tonka Trucks

These things are INDESTRUCTABLE. Preferably get one that has an open back so that the kiddos can put dirt/other things in there. I will be keeping these Tonka Trucks forever. 

5. Legos

This one is obvious. I see them as an investment! 

4. A Strider Bike

These grow with your child. Get a rocking one when they're little and graduate up to a real bike! This was definitely one of my best purchases for my kiddo. 

3. A Net

Whether they're chasing butterflies, leaves, or scooping through water, we always have a net within reach when we're playing. It's the simple things!

2. Something EXTRA Soft

Everyone needs a cuddly that's just for them when they need a moment. I firmly believe that it's a special must for littles!

1. The PushDriver 

The most versatile toy out there and the only toy you need it you had to pick one! Bring it with and watch kids' imaginations thrive. We can't wait until it's available for purchase!!

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